Sweets and inflammation
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Sweets and inflammation

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Sweets and inflammation

"For most people, high-carb, low-protein diets are inflammatory. We’ve seen repeatedly that low-carb diets reduce inflammation for most women. But you will need to listen to your own body and carefully observe which foods fuel inflammation for you. (You may also want to consider our tips for following an anti-inflammatory diet.)

"Refined sugar and other foods with high glycemic values jack up in
sulin levels and put the immune system on high alert. (The glycemic index measures the immediate impact of a food on blood sugar levels; surges of blood sugar trigger the release of insulin.) Short-lived hormones inside our cells called eicosanoids act as pro- or anti-inflammatory compounds depending on their type. Eicosanoids become imbalanced — that is, skewed toward pro-inflammatory — when insulin levels are high. As if this weren’t enough, high insulin levels activate enzymes that raise levels of arachidonic acid in our blood."

There is a great deal more helpful knowledge on this website: www.womentowomen.com

Causes of inflammation Explains the causes of chronic inflammation and why inflammation is increasingly common.

Chocolate Cake.  Food for the Soul?  Energy Healing? Nope.  No other comment needed!  I have felt a great deal of benefit, personally, from virtually removing sweets from my diet. Chronic inflammation = chronic pain, no doubt about it.
Sticking with a diet that limits sweets is difficult because they are everywhere in our social world. From early childhood we are conditioned to make ourselves "feel better" with a lollipop or a chocolate bar, and over the decades it seems that treats have increased in size and frequency; they are everywhere!

Meanwhile, Energetic Interventions help in several ways: Tapping can interrupt the urge to eat sweets (if you catch yourself before it's too late), and if not, the tapping can release feelings of shame that come from having been "weak." This way, the 'slip' remains a slip and not a downward spiral of binge-eating and despair. Thirdly, MBT's (Meridian-based Therapies) help to "tap in" positive self-image - of your body and of your capacities - and this prevents the need to "feel better NOW" from arising.

Is anyone out there interested in joining an MBT (Meridian-Based Therapies) group in Fort St John, around the theme of weight loss and self-care? Anyone prefer to join on line?

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