PeaceQuest Energetics - Webinars
PeaceQuest Energetics - Counseling, Reiki, Energy Psychology


From time to time I invite interested learners to join me for webinars offered free or at nominal cost.

For material, I draw heavily on Eden Energy Medicine and related disciplines such as Qi Gong, Applied Kinesiology, the Emotion Code, and Energy Psychology.

If desired, I can also teach your group at a distance.  Gather your workmates together for an in-service class of any length, or gather your friends together in your home for a virtual Energy Medicine party!

Participants experience increased balance through attending the webinars, and also go forward with new skills to stay in balance.

Check for any scheduled webinars here.

Webinar Subjects include:

  • Celtic Circle Chakra Meditation
  • Balancing the Human Aura
  • Balancing your own Chakras
  • Grounding
  • Radiant Circuits
  • Daily Energy Routine
  • Energy Testing
  • Releasing stored emotions from the body
  • Emotional Self-care
  • Energy Psychology methods

Webinars can be tailored for your group or needs, also.  

I  organize skills-sharing events for complementary health practitioners.  Let me know if you are interested in participating!

I can also ZOOM in to your virtual or face to face meeting or event to offer Energy Interludes.  With technology there's just so much we can share!

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