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WHEE stands for "Wholistic Hybrid of EFT and EMDR."  It was developed by Dr Daniel Benor, a psychiatrist and psychotherapist who became interested in Energy Healing as far back as the 1970's, after seeing a dramatic healing using Reiki.

decal of WHEEHe became intrigued by the effectiveness of both EMDR and EFT, and after working with them for some years, developed WHEE using some of the principles of each.  Left and right stimulation comes from EMDR, and tapping on the body while repeating affirmations comes from EFT.

The WHEE technique is very powerful.  As with EMDR, it is able to separate the memory of a trauma from the emotions associated with it.  It is thought that this happens through an integration of left and right brain functions.  As with EFT, it is able to quickly diminish the emotional intensity of traumatic memories, to vanquish long-standing phobias, and to change a person's unhelpful beliefs about themselves.

Dr Benor has written many books on WHEE and related subjects, and he maintains an informative website where you can learn more about the modality:

I have been trained personally by Dr Benor.

WHEE is a method I like to use with children and youth because:
  • it is easy (very easy) to learn
  • it can be incorporated into fun activities
  • it can be applied successfully on a range of childhood problems, without causing distress, and without inviting resistance from children already overwhelmed by their confusing and frightening feelings
  • It can be used by anyone, right in the moment, even in public places, right when the problem is occurring.  No-one will even know you are using WHEE to reduce your distress!
  • Exam anxiety, self esteem challenges, hurt feelings leading to rage, embarrassing situations, fear of speaking up or presenting in class, overwhelming emotions, memories of abuse or bullying; all of these are suitable for WHEE. 
  • It can easily be integrated with Eden Energy Medicine.
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Presented by Laurel Batterham of, this video is a brief introduction to WHEE, or Wholistic Healing derived from EFT and EMDR. Also known as Whole Health Easily and Effectivel...

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"I love it that kids I've taught WHEE to have used it for their own anxious or angry moments, and have also tried to help their friends by teaching them the technique of emotional self-management!"

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