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The energies in the aura are in constant motion, like water flowing in a constantly changing container. They spiral and spin and flow in figure 8's communicating between the layers and supporting exchange and communication with the environment.  They send signals from your body outwards, and they receive signals from others.  They can develop areas of stagnation, just as can the body's energies.

Low pressure system over Iceland
One dysfunctional pattern that can develop is called a vortex. It is a distortion in the field that does not serve you.  

This happens when the energy spins continually in the same pattern, drawing in repeated experiences of the same kind, or communicating outwards messages of the same sort.

You can have an 'innie' vortex that draws unwanted experiences, or an 'outie' vortex where you are presenting yourself inaccurately to the world, always giving off the 'wrong vibe.'

When a vortex is at play you are particularly vulnerable to repetitive issues.  You will be asking "Why does this always happen to me?" or "Why do people always misinterpret my intent?"  

It's the word "always" in your thinking and language that alerts me to the likely presence of a vortex.

You can suspect there is a vortex involved if the same unwanted thing keeps happening.  For example:

  • you keep stubbing the same toe 
  • you keep having fender benders
  • you keep attracting unsuitable partners with the same problems
  • you are vulnerable to the same unhelpful habits
  • you are misjudged repeatedly over the same benign behaviour
  • other people don't 'get you'
  • you feel no-one 'has your back'
  • you can't stay grounded so your balance is off and you feel disconnected

With Eden Energy Medicine, we use energy testing to detect vortexes: their presence, their location, and their direction of spin.  We use a crystal or the energy of the hand to correct the pattern in the aura. 

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