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Reiki is a form of Energy Healing that originated in Japan with the teachings of Dr Mikao Usui.  After receiving training and a series of attunements, the practitioner is able to channel energy, known as ki, the Universal Life ForceThe energy pours through the body and hands of the practitioner into the receiver of the treatment.  Once in the healing person's body, the ki finds its way to where it is most needed.  Far from requiring the practitioner to be particularly strong, what is most important is her ability to be humble before the power of the Universal Life Force.

Benefits of Reiki sessions may include increased relaxation and peace, a sense of being unburdened, and a reduction in physical or emotional pain.  Most people feel soothed and cheered through a Reiki experience.  While Reiki is commonly practiced through the laying on of hands in a particular pattern, non- touching methods are also common, and distance Reiki is both possible and effective.  The Universal Life Force has no need of proximity in order to work its wonders!

"Reiki is such a simple and uncomplicated way to bring peace and relaxation!"

Although Reiki cannot be used as a replacement for competent medical treatment, practitioners can often discover disturbances in the energetic body even before they are manifest in the physical body.  Thus Reiki can be used to prevent disease, bringing stress relief and balance to a system even before pain or illness shows up.

Reiki sessions typically include a Chakra Balance.

I have attained the master level attunement in the Reiki Usui tradition. 

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