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Radiant Circuits

Radiant Circuits respond to the power of intention and so work with this system lends itself well to Distance Sessions as well as in-person sessions.

Also known as:
  • strange flows
  • extraordinary vessels
  • collector meridians
  • joy generators
  • funky flows
  • glad glows

These are energetic hyperlinks that instantly leap to where they are needed.  They respond to touch, to movement and to intention more easily than the meridians.  

According to Eden Energy Medicine, these are the energies of rapture, whether physiological, psychological or spiritual.  They are "inner wells of joy" that counter negative thinking habits and support behavioral change. They contribute to vibrancy and exhilaration and can overwhelm depression, despondency and despair.

Radiant circuits can be activated through any activity that you associate with delight and abandon:  sexual stimulation, dance, rhythms, exercise, feeling delighted at a gleeful baby's giggle, or appreciating natural beauty or a lovely melody.

Known radiant circuits include:
  • central & governing meridians
  • belt flow
  • yin & yang bridge flows
  • yin & yang regulator flows
  • penetrating flow
  • triple warmer & spleen meridians
As EEM practitioners, we rely on Radiant Circuits work when our client seems:
  • stuck in the past
  • unresponsive to other methods
  • plagued by resistant habits
  • disconnected from others and from life
  • stuck in the banal or material realm
  • unable to hold other corrections

Swirl represents the movement of energy in the auraThe strength and flow of Radiant Circuits can be checked with Energy Assessment methods and restored with hands-on methods and movement-based or postural interventions and easy exercises.

Radiant Circuits work is often used to establish new energetic habits. For example, we spin a crystal on the "seed points" that link the meridians to the radiant circuits, while correcting an energy pathway that is chronically 'out.'  

Radiant Circuits exercises are important components of these workshops:
  • Activate your Energies
  • Energy Medicine Intro
  • Habanero Habit Burner

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