PeaceQuest Energetics - Quickie Energy Balance
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Quickie Energy Balance

Gets the static out of your system and prepares the body for deeper balance.

A quickie energy balance includes:

  • hook-ups (front and back)
  • neurolymphatic stimulation
  • belt flow
  • spinal flush
  • energy sweeps
  • celtic weaves
  • opening the foot gaits
  • kidney meridian balance (feet)

It takes about a half hour, and while it can be performed on its own, typically it is used to prepare the body's energy systems to accept the deeper healing of another technique such as the Black Pearl Sanctuary, the Brazilian Toe Technique,  or a Chakra balance.

I use a massage table, and the client can expect some firm hands-on touching as well as light holding of energetic points on the head and feet.  

Hands on Healing i.e. Reiki"The quickie energy balance prepares the body for deeper interventions. On its own, it sends energy and stimulation or calm to many of the nine energy systems, and it feels wonderful!"

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