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smoking - one of the habits you might want help relinquishing

Problem Habits

Who doesn't have one?  Whether or not your habit is a full-blown addiction, Energetic Interventions really help with cravings.

Using EFT or WHEE to eliminate or reduce a craving to a manageable level is easy, and the basics can be learned in one session.  

Deep-seated and life-long patterns may better be released through Eden Energy Medicine techniques, especially those that get the Radiant Circuits on board.
I have a snacking habit.  It is my habit to reduce anxious feelings by eating.  I have had issues with weight since the age of 11, but fortunately have not been a "yoyo" dieter.  I lost a lot of weight in 1989, and kept it off for about 5 years.  Now, it's 2014, I have been losing weight on and off for the last few years, and honestly, EI is what allows this to happen.  I have NO willpower, period.  Sometimes I don't have willpower enough to remind myself to "tap!" 

When I do catch myself before succumbing to the craving, however, the desire to snack disappears and does not resurface for hours or days.  My recent success with clearing the craving encourages me to try it again when I feel like munching, and it always works!

I invite you to try Energetic Interventions (EFT or WHEE) for your problem habit, whether it is food-related, smoking, alcohol or drugs, or any other addictive behavior or consumption pattern you would like to release.

Energy-based methods are powerful and painless, and they help release you from unhealthy patterns.

"Energy Psychology lends itself nicely to online sessions, and I am available via skype or google hangouts, or even by telephone if you have no computer access."
Problem habits and addictions that have been successfully addressed using Energetic Interventions include:
  • alcohol addiction
  • smoking
  • drug misuse
  • disordered eating
  • sex addiction
  • nail-biting and other "picking"
  • "stinking thinking"

To be clear, the technique is not a cure for addiction; it is a powerful tool to use in your efforts to release your mind/body/spirit from its attachment to the altered state of mind that comes from indulging in a problem habit.  Also, what I do in a session with you DOES NOT replace treatment by a qualified doctor or mental health professional.

Other important tools include regular, moderate exercise, meditation, eating healthfully and taking supplements prescribed by a naturopathic physician or other qualified health provider, connecting with others through a support group or network - online or face-to-face.

Commitment to change does not require willpower or self-loathing; these can actually get in the way and reliance on them is de-motivating.  

Your efforts can be further supported with the Cuantic System.

Any questions? Contact me!