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Physical Pain

Energy Medicine is frequently very effective in reducing physical pain, especially when it is chronic.  I use Cuantic System,Reiki,Eden Energy Medicine, Emotion/Body Code and Energy Psychology on my own pain syndrome related to fibromyalgia, a chronic condition I no longer experience as disabling. 

lower back painI KNOW this works, because it works for ME, better than any other treatment I have tried.  

At one time I was in so much pain that I thought I would need a walking stick to get around my house; now I enjoy exercise!  I used to take heavy doses of anti-inflammatory drugs; now I rarely take any medication!   It is Energy Medicine that has done this. Lifestyle change helped. Naturopathy, Massage Therapy and Physiotherapy helped.  NOTHING helped like Energy Medicine.

Pain is one of the ways our subconscious mind communicates with us.  When what we need to know in order to progress or heal is unable to 'break through' to consciousness by normal means such as dreaming or insight, it can set us up with pain that will nag at us until we listen to it.  Normally in our culture we will respond pharmacologically, taking higher and higher doses of pain-killers or even narcotics to dull the pain.  This kind of treatment is certainly appropriate for acute conditions like a sprained ankle or a migraine.

When pain is chronic, we can easily get frustrated with perceived inadequacies in allopathic medicine. In addition to following our medical doctor's guidance, there are natural, healthful, and wholistic methods we can use to both address the pain directly and help with the medication side effects, if any.

Meditation, yoga, relaxation, solving relationship issues, and other ways of finding inner peace are also very helpful.  For example, I practice Tai Chi and Qi Gong for self-healing.  I also do the easy exercises in the Daily Energy Routine.

I am a certified practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine

Reiki is also able to bring relaxation and peace to painful conditions, and requires no more participation from you than to choose to allow the flow of energy into your body. I have the Master level attunement. 

I invite you to try WHEE or EFT with me to release you from chronic or disabling pain, or even that nagging "pain in the butt" that gets in the way of choosing to live life fully.
I am one of ten people living in Canada trained in the  Cuantic System this method and one of only three who uses it professionally.

All of these methods are available either in person or online by distance methods.

Any questions? Contact me!