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Distance Sessions (by Skype or telephone) or in person where I am located (often on the move).

Pay it forward by donating for someone else's sessions.  I will match your donation dollar for dollar.

Help a loved one find their way to balance.

  • Energy Medicine 101 or 102
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Fibre arts, jewelry & wall art made to order

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A portrait of my daughter in mixed media collage
Cuantic Physical Modifiers:

Physical Modifiers are used by placing on the body for a period of time.  They are used for pain.  

The modifiers can also be used in groups of three, placed on the body in particular configurations to support either the physical structures (joints, bones, cartilege etc) or the systems (circulatory, immune, etc.)  

In a session I often place 7 modifiers around the body to amplify the effect of balancing.

You do not have to have any special training to use this modifier. Just place it on your body where it hurts and see what happens!

Physical Modifier

$100 CDN (includes shipping within Canada or US)

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