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yin yang symbolMeridian Balancing

An important energy system we work with a great deal in Eden Energy Medicine is the Meridian system. Traditional Chinese Medicine identifies 14 major pathways that qi (chi or life force energy) travels in the body. These are called meridians. You can see diagrams of their pathways here.

Tracing your meridians with your hands supports health and well-being.  Here is a link to a video where Donna Eden demonstrates how to trace meridians.
10 of the meridians are associated with certain organs of the body:
  • Spleen (Pancreas)
  • Heart
  • Small Intestine
  • Bladder
  • Kidney
  • Gallbladder
  • Liver
  • Lung
  • Large Intestine
  • Stomach

The other four are:
  • Circulation-sex (also known as Pericardium)
  • Triple Warmer (or burner)
  • Central (Conception)
  • Governing

The meridians are each associated with certain physical, mental and emotional processes, and ensuring adequate flow and balance of the qi in the meridians can ensure those processes happen at peak capacity. 

You have probably heard of acupuncture, a medical practice where needles are inserted at acupoints along the meridians to reduce pain or otherwise restore well-being. 

In Eden Energy Medicine we use acupressure, which involves using the energy of our fingers and palms to influence the flow of energy in the meridians.
We hold, rub, tap or otherwise stimulate certain points along the meridans, or at other points of the body associated with the meridians, including:
  • pulse points (to assess for over-energy)
  • alarm points (to test for any flow problems without discovering the specifics)
  • muscle tests (to discover under-energy in the meridian)
  • neuro-vascular points (to soothe or calm emotions associated with the meridians)
  • neuro-lymphatic reflex points (to release trapped energy and the memories and emotions that are also accumulated there)
  • source points (to send qi directly to the organs)
  • seed points (to engage the energies of the radiant circuits)
  • strengthening and sedating points (to balance energy in the meridians and restore optimum flow)

Meridians and Pain:  Pain is associated with over-energy or stuck energy in a meridian. Clients often feel a reduction in pain or stiffness once the meridians are restored to balance.

I love to use the Meridian End Points to release trapped emotions in the body.  This is related to EFT but is much more targeted.

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