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Limiting Beliefs

A limiting belief is a way of thinking, about yourself or about your situation, that makes achievement or change impossible.  Until the advent of Energy Medicine these have been really difficult to shift, as they have their roots in childhood, and often in past trauma.  In fact, when our limiting beliefs are core beliefs, they have become part of the personality; they have falsely become what defines us as individuals!
'People so often develop limiting beliefs about who they are and what they're capable of. Because they haven't succeeded in the past, they believe they won't be able to succeed in the future.' - Anthony Robbins

Energy Medicine often employs affirmations to replace your beliefs about your limitations.  These affirmations are not in the vapid, self-congratulatory, ego-based affirmations some teachers have presented.  Your energy self doesn't respond to untruth!

With Energy Medicine methods, you affirm your self-acceptance, and you use tapping or other methods to anchor the self-acceptance into the fabric of your being.  False and limiting beliefs dissolve, and are replaced by the empowering knowledge that you are worthy of your own love and attention!  Once you truly believe you are worthy of love, your power to live in love and share that love with others increases hundredfold!

'The biggest obstacle to creating a wonderful life is self-limiting beliefs. A self-limiting belief is an idea you have that you are limited in some way, in terms of time, talent, intelligence, money, ability, or opportunity.' - Brian Tracy

Especially when someone's depression is overwhelming, it can take a lot of hard work, even using EM methods, to release the limitations of the past.  That is because the energetic blockages are actually not just limiting beliefs, but limiting CORE beliefs!

'A core belief is defined as something you assume as true about reality, and as long as you hold on to it, your belief will hold your body's informational fields to certain parameters. You will perceive something as likable or unlikeable, distressing or enjoyable, according to how it fits your expectations.' - Deepak Chopra
Limiting core beliefs affect everything, right down to how we perceive the world around us.  For example, if my core belief is that women cannot do mathematics, no amount of outstanding teaching will help me learn algebra!  If my core belief is that I am unlovable, I will be unable to recognize it when I am offered love.

Energy Medicine is the best way I know to truly alter your core beliefs.  Together we identify what beliefs are holding you back, and help you articulate what beliefs you would prefer to hold.

Using the techniques of the chosen energetic modality, you then affirm the preferred belief.  It doesn't take long; soon you see yourself - and the world around you - quite differently!

You are not putting on "rose coloured glasses;" you are seeing the world with untainted vision, perhaps for the first time!

EFT or WHEE can rapidly shift core beliefs, then Eden Energy Medicine can anchor your changes in the body, so you don't backslide in your thinking!  Cuantic System is effective in exchanging a limiting or inconvenient way of thinking or experiencing life, for one that serves you better.

These methods are all available in person wherever I am located (I'm often on the move) and also online by distance.  I mix practitioner-led clearing with the empowerment of teaching self-care techniques.

"These methods have helped me immeasurably, and I turn to them whenever I get stuck or tripped up by limiting beliefs.

"I especially like teaching the methods in day-long trainings or my group sessions, Energy Psychology Circle.  Contact me at 250 793 2289 or"

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