PeaceQuest Energetics - June 2016
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Sign up for a free webinar:  Celtic Circle Chakra Meditation (July 10).  
Also:  specials on Cuantic System by distance!
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Fort St John residents!

July is your last month to experience Eden Energy Medicine and Cuantic System in person here in FSJ. David (my husband) has retired from the College and we are preparing to leave this community that has nurtured us for the last 23 years.

My practice will stay open to the last possible moment.  I hope you will book in your final sessions as soon as you can.  After the end of July I will still be available for distance sessions but no more in my studio space.

David and I are really thankful to this wonderful community, and especially I am grateful to the wonderful clients who have trusted me to help them find balance.  

We will miss you all.

 Free Webinar:  

Celtic Spiral Chakra Meditation July 10 2016
2 pm pstThe Celtic Spiral Chakra Meditation goes beyond regular Chakra clearing and helps you spiral into your future with renewed confidence and energy.  

From the privacy of your home, join me and up to 50 other chakra enthusiasts in a peaceful guided meditation that helps you create a dialogue between your chakras, linking them in a particular pattern using the spiraling energy of the nadis.  

The meditation helps you gain insights into yourself, and clears your way forward!In advance of the webinar, I recommend that you clear your chakras (or have someone clear them - I can do it at a distance if you Book a Session in advance of the event.)  You should also have a basic understanding of the names of the chakras and their themes.  You can investigate here, or google for all kinds of chakra knowledge.  In Eden Energy Medicine we rely on a 7-chakra system, comprised of the Root or Base, the Sacral, the Solar-Plexus, the Heart, the Throat, the Brow or Third Eye, and the Crown.  We acknowledge that other systems include many more chakras, but for the purpose of this meditation, you should at least be familiar with these seven, their themes, and their english names.

I will repeat the webinar periodically (September 11 and November 13 are already booked in) but this will be the only FREE offering, so please take advantage if you can! You can register for the webinar here.Webinars are so much fun to host or to attend.  Here's a link to my SURVEY about webinars.  Fill out my survey for a chance to win a space in one of my upcoming webinars (your choice!)
Fort St John KIDS!

 So what is the Cuantic System?