PeaceQuest Energetics - Issues and Problems
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Issues and Problems

Many issues, problems, situations, difficulties and intentions bring people to try the methods I offer. Energetic interventions can work with stubborn physical and psychological issues such as:

Our bodies, minds and spirits are interconnected and interdependent, and sometimes the best way to talk to one of these systems is through another. Thus, physical pain may yield to chakra work, emotional pain to body-based work, or spiritual dilemmas to an approach that is grounded in the five rhythms.

Thus the Energetic approach is wholistic, taking into account the entire person (body, mind and spirit) in the context of family and community.  

For example, you may present with a relationship issue.  You think you need to talk it through, exploring every detail of the ways you are frustrated in your marriage.  After a chakra clearing and balancing, however, you stop being so irritated and things in the relationship seem not so bad (or you find the courage to leave or to draw boundaries.)
Here's another example:  You come with a physical problem such as a persistent ache or pain that hasn't responded to conventional medicine.  With an energetic approach, we work together to discover what feelings and emotions are linked to the pain, trying to discover the pain's history and the message it has for you. Once you have heard the message your body has to offer, we come up with a plan to act on it (you may need to make a relationship change with a parent, partner, child or other loved one). We can then use Energy Psychology to release the pain from the body, and Eden Energy Medicine to re-balance your energetic system so the pain doesn't return.  

Alternatively, you may show up with the intention of dealing with your panic attacks.  You experience the deep healing of a session such as the Black Pearl Sanctuary, which is designed to take the body out of its habitual stress response.  You learn body-based stress reduction methods such as simple Eden Energy Medicine techniques to return the body to flow and balance.   You incorporate these into your daily routine, and over time you notice you don't have panic attacks any more, but also, you don't get frequent headaches or disturbing dreams, your relationships are going much more smoothly, or that you are not as conflicted or confused about your spiritual beliefs and practices.

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