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Five Rhythms

Five Rhythms, also known as Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is an energy system that Donna Eden sees as though it imparts a particular flavour or pattern or "rhythm" to the entire energy system.
The five rhythms of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal are associated with varying body types, ways of moving, voice characteristics, taste and temperature preferences, and habits of thinking. 

Each person has a dominant rhythm or sometimes two dominant rhythms (mine are Earth and Water), and these influence how we experience the world, what emotions and diseases we are vulnerable to, how we interact in relationships, and especially how we behave under stress.

Under stress, you will tend to experience the challenging emotion associated with your dominant rhythms as follows:

Water - Fear or Despair
Wood - Anger or Frustration
Fire - Panic or Distraction
Earth - Worry or lack of compassion for self
Metal - Grief or difficulty letting go

Energy Medicine helps you to move from being stuck in the out-of-balance emotion of your dominant rhythms towards the in-balance emotions of Hope, Action, Joy, Empathy and Inspiration!

If you are interested in exploring what your dominant rhythm is, here is a good questionnaire.
One advantage of Five Rhythms techniques is that the client can be guided to doing internal and silent processing of distressing emotions, which can be released of their power without your ever having had to speak of them.

As with other Eden Energy Medicine approaches, energy testing is key in discovering imbalance or strengths in the Five Rhythms system.  Once the energetic disturbances are discovered, balance is achieved by gently holding locations on the body that influence the meridians while the client reflects upon their issues.

If preferred (some people cannot tolerate touch), most EEM interventions can be performed in the field around the body, or the client can be shown where to hold on him or herself.

"Because of my background in trauma counselling, I know how profoundly people are affected by their memories and their fears. When studying Eden Energy Medicine, I was delighted to find this and other techniques for people to process their troubles deeply, without having to speak any details about them."

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