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Energy Testing

Eden Energy Medicine uses energy testing, a method developed in Applied Kinesiology where it is called 'muscle testing.' The test measures whether energy is flowing normally through a muscle. A weak response indicates that there is an interruption in the flow.  This will communicate something to me about the quality of energy in a body part (or in the aura) that I am touching.

Some examples of what I can learn from energy testing:

  • the meridians - is there overenergy or underenergy in any meridians?  Is the flow frozen, reversed or submerged?  Overenergy relates to pain; underenergy relates to weakness in an organ, muscle or other structure fed by the meridian.

  • the radiant circuits - are they flowing normally, bringing joy into the body and carrying it deep inside?

  • the chakras - their spin, their connections, the seven layers

  • the 5 rhythms: are the flow and control cycles communicating normally?

  • substances:  are the medications or supplements you take harmonized with the body's vibration?

  • foods:  is a particular food beneficial, neutral or harmful?

  • finger modes:  which system will benefit most from attention?

In Eden Energy Medicine, we use 14 different energy tests, each corresponding to one of the meridians.  Thus we can learn if there is adequate flow in a meridian, and we can also use each test as a 'general indicator' to test how the energy is organized or disorganized in the body.  This points us in the direction of the balancing techniques and exercises that will put you on the path to relief or wellness!

It is possible to use energy testing on yourself.  There are many methods:   the sway test, lifting a jug that is light on the word 'yes' and heavy on the word 'no;' the finger ring test, a one-handed test, and many others.  Some tend to be more accurate than others, and some more easy to use than others.

You can google "self-test, muscle" to learn how.  Or learn from me in a session or class!

You can also see Eden Energy Medicine in action on YouTube.  

I use a massage table, and the client can expect some firm hands-on touching as well as light holding of energetic points on the head and feet.  

If preferred (some people cannot tolerate touch), most EEM interventions can be performed in the field around the body.  Many Eden Energy Medicine procedures, including testing, can also be done at a distance.

Any questions? Contact me!