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Energy Psychology

WHEE for kids is a healing method developed by Dan BenorEnergy Psychology refers to a range of techniques and procedures that help with physical and emotional pain as well as progress blocks.  Energy Psychology techniques are interwoven with Eden Energy Medicine sessions, but can also stand alone where issues are known to be psychological or where a hands-off approach is preferred.

Energy Psychology is suitable for people of all ages and can be learned in an individual or group setting.
Using Energy Psychology, it is possible to easily and effortlessly reinforce positive memories and life-affirming thoughts, while releasing self-limiting beliefs, painful memories and troubling issues. Physical pain and limitation can also be released or reduced.

Also known as "Meridian-based Therapies," Energy Psychology methods use the body's natural energy pathways, along with spoken affirmations, to help release problem thinking and reinforce joyful and productive patterns in our thoughts and actions.

Many of the techniques can be learned online or from books, but it often helps to work with an experienced counselor who can help you tap in to the language that will bring relief most rapidly.

Once you have the techniques down pat, you have a skill you can use anytime and anywhere to manage difficult emotions and encourage improved habits of thinking and behaving! 
I use two specific Energy Psychology stand-alone methods: WHEE and EFT.  

WHEE is simpler and easily to learn, and I especially like it for kids for that reason.  EFT taps directly into specific meridians and is somewhat more complex.  Both produce results rapidly.  It is possible, using these techniques, to approach and release profound phobias and fears, as well as highly distressing memories, without risk of becoming overwhelmed or lost in emotional upheaval. 

Kids who have learned WHEE from me have used it at school, and even taught it to their friends!

Energy Psychology is often used in conjunction with Eden Energy Medicine.  For example, the practitioner holds specific points or locations on your head, face and body, and/or spins a crystal in specific locations while you process a troubling memory or issue. Profound changes can result even if you never speak the issue aloud!

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