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Energy Medicine Parties

New in 2016, Energy Medicine Parties are similar to Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Scentsy or other merchandise parties (without the merchandise - although I will have crystals and cuantic modifiers available).

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You gather some friends in your home and put together some refreshments.  I will come and teach you some Energy Medicine for 1.5 to 2 hrs.  It will be fun and relaxed, and you'll learn lots also!  Choose from an array of subjects (see at right).

If you've got a big-screen TV, let's make it a Virtual Party! Wherever you are, gather your friends, and I will ZOOM in online!  Your friends in other locations can also ZOOM in!
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Host or hostess attends free. Guests each pay $30. Minimum number of guests is 6 to make it worthwhile for me to plan it and come (or to set it up online), and to cover handouts.

Call 250 793 2289 or email me to book.  

Subjects include:

The Human Aura
  • purpose
  • what can go wrong
  • how to balance

  • purpose
  • how to detect imbalance
  • how to correct (with colour, light or your hands)
  • Celtic Chakra Spiral Meditation

Radiant Circuits
  • where the 8 RC's usually flow
  • anchor and wander points
  • seed points
  • how to balance them and increase the flow of joy

The Daily Energy Routine
  • energy test for imbalances (crossovers, hook-up, crown pull, Wayne Cook, and more)
  • see how doing the routine corrects the imbalances

  • polarity issues
  • how to get grounded
  • how to stay grounded

Energy Testing
  • learn three ways to test yourself
  • test to see if a food or supplement serves you
  • self-testing as 'training wheels' for the intuition

Swarovski crystal

Any questions? Contact me!