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Eden Energy Medicine 101 & 102

Eden Energy Medicine is easy to learn and practice.  It's not complicated, takes only a little time, and once you incorporate it into your routine, it's a life-changer!  These classes are taught in small groups, with plenty of opportunity to practice the techniques so you can take them and integrate them into your daily routines and start to feel ongoing benefit.

Laurel with Energy Psychology info
joy vitality energy peaceEM 101 

Covers the Daily Energy Routine, Grounding, and Stress Management.

EM 102

Builds on EM 101:  More Stress Management techniques; and adds the Quickie Energy Balance.

Cost $150 for each class.

EM 101 and 102 are 6 hours each, and 101 is required if you want to attend 102.  I'll be offering these classes regularly, so make sure you are on my interest list:

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