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Energy Interludes

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Have you ever attended a conference where people did a lot of yawning?

Have you ever wanted toothpicks to keep your eyes open, even if the topic is really interesting?

Have you ever come away from an event feeling it was a waste of time because you had difficulty taking in what was being presented?
Eden Energy Medicine offers a plethora of techniques to keep your energy moving so you can remain engaged and connected!

Contract PeaceQuest Energetics for your next conference or event. We will offer scheduled or impromptu interludes to keep the flow happening for all attendees, increase their ability to engage and manage emotions, and avoid mental fatigue. It's funky and fun and it WORKS!

We offer hourly and daily rates and negotiable package deals, depending on whether handouts and door prizes are offered, and depending on location, travel time and hours required to prepare.

Initial consultation with your planner is free of charge.
Energy Interludes combine nicely with our facilitation services including:

  • Get Out of the Chair
  • Effective Meetings
  • Flow Facilitation
  • Focused Conversations

David and Laurel work together to keep your event flowing and going deep, getting to the outcomes you are looking for.

David is an experienced educator with a Masters Degree in Adult Education and expertise with several facilitation methods. He is a member of ICA. 

Contact Laurel at 250 793 2289 for more information or email

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