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Emotion Code and Body Code

Dr Bradley Nelson has developed an elaborate system to help you uncover what imbalances are contributing to the issues you experience in life.

The Emotion Code helps you discover what emotions have been trapped in your body, and where and when, and to also shows you how to release those emotions.  Dr Nelson also teaches about the Heart Wall, an energetic barrier we create from the emotions that get stuck in our bodies.  He makes this system available for self-help through his book which can be bought for under $10.

The EC is part of a larger system that explores the physiological and energetic systems in depth.  With the Body Code you can uncover and remove imbalances and misalignments in multiple body systems as well as the chakras.  Your issue may involve toxicity from EMF's, pharmaceuticals or other chemicals.  There may be a pathogen involved - a virus, bacteria or parasite.  Possibly an entity is impeding your ability to move forward.  There may be a lifestyle issue - excesses or requirements for a certain supplement.  There may be a ph imbalance or dehydration contributing - or perhaps the influence of a past instance of dehydration.

The Body Code is pretty comprehensive, although it is scanty on information in the aura.  It is, however, fairly costly (over $1000). I have got my money's worth in terms of improvements in my own health, however.  I use it fairly extensively on myself and on my family. 

Please note I am not certified in these systems so I tend to use them in an adjunctive way with modalities I a certified in.  The Body Code, for example, can help me find root causes when using Cuantic System, or can help me discover a trauma the client's conscious mind has overlooked as a potential contributor to their issues.
In particular, I think anyone will benefit from removing their Heart Wall.  When I removed mine, I noticed an immediate willingness and desire to connect with others. and it did not take long for my relationship with my husband to reach a higher vibration.

The Body Code and Emotion Code system is easy to learn.  You need to train yourself in an energy self-test that gives you access to your unconscious mind where a lot of information is stored.  You then use the test to ask yourself questions that can have yes or no answers, until you find out what you need to know.

Marvelously detailed, Dr Nelson's system gives you access to the minutiae of your life's emotional history.  For example, I discovered that a lump behind my left knee had its origin in the hostility of a gym teacher I had in in 8th grade.  Over the years other emotional energies had tangled around the wound.  It took me half a day to unravel all the tangles, but at the end the painful lump - which had been there for years - was about 90% gone and within a few weeks was gone altogether.  It's interesting that the bump was on Gallbladder 34, the Systemic Point for tendons and ligaments - and boy has that shown up in my health over the years!  Remember that with the system - as with most Energy Medicine modalities - you are altering the makeup of the Energy Body and the changes may take time to manifest in the physical body.

The downside of this system is that it is tedious and painstaking.  I have occasionally found situations in someone's energies that would have taken hours to remove with the Body Code but that yielded to a 10-minute chakra clearing, leaving only a few residual tangles for the Body Code to unravel.

I heartily recommend the Body Code and especially the Emotion Code for self-helpers who want to get serious and detailed in their wellness journey.

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