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Electrics Session

The Electrics are the densest energy in the body, separate from but connected to all the other energy systems including the Chakras, the Meridians and the Aura.  

The Electrics are also connected with Heart energy, and so are really useful for people who are experiencing heart-related emotions such as heartache or panic.

With Electrics work, the energy goes where it is needed.  There are reports of scar tissue healing, all manner of emotional trauma overcome, and a wide variety of other diverse experiences.

Electrics are sometimes invoked to bring attention to specific problem areas such as a blood clot or cyst. I might hook up your heart electric point to the problem area and hold for a while.  

Alternatively, I might use the electric points on the back of the head to clear the way for another procedure, or simply to revitalize the body.

Often Finger Modes will direct me to the Electrics when it is needed.

Sometimes your body might ask for a "Deep Electrics Work" session which surrenders to the electrical wisdom of the body.

The Deep Electrics work may take up to 4 hours and lasts as long as the body dictates.  Usually this is between 20 minutes and an hour. If your body asks for deep electrics, we will negotiate a time to complete this when neither of us has urgent time restraints.

I use a massage table, and the client can expect some firm hands-on touching as well as light holding of energetic points on the head and feet.  

"Slow and steady but profound and deep, in the deep electrics session you may feel the energy surging through areas of your body that have been problems whether in the recent or long-ago past.  I recently had a deep electrics session and felt the energy pulsing in the area of the gallbladder surgery I had over 25 years ago!"

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