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Eden-inspired Techniques

Ellen Meredith is a teacher I have studied closely.  Ellen takes the foundation established by Donna Eden and builds on it to offer some remarkably rapid, elegant and deep techniques. 

Ellen's techniques take Energy Medicine further into the realm of the sacred.  For example, her techniques of 'sourcing' invite you to 'plug in to Source,' and her work with the 'smart filters' of the aura have you calling on angels and guides to help reinforce the outer layer of your aura.

Ellen's techniques lend themselves nicely to distance work.

At the right are some of the Ellen Meredith techniques I may use in your session.
  • Energy Chiro - this set of techniques explores and balances the energies around areas where your bones have become misaligned.  Aligning the energy body may help in areas where physical misalignment is chronic, or where physical manipulation (through chiropractic or massage or physiotherapy) doesn't hold.
  • Gatekeeper - this set of techniques helps with retraining your energetic immune system. Your 'gatekeeper' establishes and maintains energetic habits that keep you resistant to change.  Working with the gatekeeper's energies can allow things to shift significantly in the body and the mind.
  • Storyline Track & Balance - this method balances your energies deeply at every layer of your chakras, allowing you to let go of patterns of thinking and behaving that are not serving you.

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