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Eden Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is a collection of practices by which a healer interacts with and influences the body’s subtle energies in ways that support balance and health holistically.  

I am a student and Certified Clinical Practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine, which includes procedures developed by Donna Eden based on her own intuition and exhaustive exploration of traditional medicine worldwide.  You can explore what she has to share through her website,, or through one of her marvelous, detailed books, which include the award-winning Energy Medicine, and many others you can see at the Innersource Store. Canadians may prefer to purchase through

Principles of Energy Medicine include:  
a.  Energy wants to move; it wants to move in set patterns, and it needs space to move.  
b.  Healthy energy moves in swirls and figure-8 patterns in all sizes from the double helix of DNA to large flowing spirals in the aura.  
c.  Energy serves the body according to priorities: First, Survival; Second, healthy functioning of essential systems; Third, conscious and unconscious intentions.  
d.  Energies form habits, and energetic habits can be influenced, restored or re-patterned in oneself and in others, using both the body and mind. 

Energy Medicine uses acupressure and other hands-on techniques to restore the natural flow of energy in the body, so that everything you are doing to help yourself through diet, exercise, conventional medicine, physio, massage, counseling and self-care, is locked in to new and healthy patterns.  Using a combination of gentle acupressure and non-touching interactions, the connections between the energetic systems are restored and enhanced, bringing balance and a greater access to joy and other desired emotions.

Typically, the client starts with energy assessment and a plan emerges from what the body has to say.  Any or all of the techniques below may be included in the plan.  Ongoing energy assessment tracks progress.

Please note:  Eden Energy Medicine is considered complementary to conventional medical treatment rather than alternative.  EEM can bring balance to the body's energy system, supporting rather than replacing the care of health professionals.

Some Eden Energy Medicine techniques also lend themselves to work at a distance, and I schedule online sessions with clients who can't get in to see me in person.
Your session will include some of the following themes and methods:

Prices for services depend on time, and payment is expected at the time of the service. 

To book, call 250 793 2289 or follow a link below:
The nine interacting and interdependent energetic systems of our body-mind-spirit include:

  1. Meridians
  2. Chakras
  3. Aura
  4. Basic Grid
  5. Celtic Weave
  6. Five Rhythms
  7. Triple Warmer
  8. Radiant Circuits
  9. The Electrics

Your own body will tell me which systems will benefit from balancing most, and we will establish priorities for our work together through energy testing.

Any questions? Contact me!