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EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is so easy to learn and use that you can derive a great deal of benefit from simply following along online, or reading the material you can find there.  Especially for simple problems that are one-dimensional (such as phobias), it is extremely effective - very quickly - and the problems don't return.  You can learn to do EFT for yourself at Gary Craig's Emofree Website or from books and videos offered by David Feinstein or Dawson Church.

Learn EFT (tapping) from founder Gary Craig
Sometimes, however, what you are dealing with is more complex.  Sometimes your personality has its roots in the distressing emotions you are trying to clear.  Sometimes there are just so many traumas, and they are so severe, that approaching them on your own without support is re-traumatizing; you are triggered into feeling the original trauma as though it were still happening.  Sometimes, as with depression, the problem has very deep roots, and every approach seems to disturb them.  You feel better for a while, and then the problem comes back full force.

This is where working with an experienced counselor and practitioner comes in handy.  We know what questions will help you unearth the core of the difficulty.  We are able to lend you our own confidence in the process, while you are still skeptical.  Also, we can help you find a language to express what you are feeling.  As affirmations are core to the work, the counselor's skills can help you craft affirmations that clear the damage and dis-order quite neatly!  Finally, we can help you use the technique to safely approach extreme traumas without re-experiencing them.

An experienced counselor can also use a range of techniques from other modalities - such as "inner child" work, dream techniques, art therapies, the creation of healing rituals - to help you.  Coupled with the power of Energy Psychology, you can explore the roots and pathways of your "problem" without being taken down that deep, dark hole that remembering the cause of your troubles often points at.

PeaceQuest Energetics also offers the technique in conjunction with Eden Energy Medicine, which can amplify and speed the healing process by bringing the body-mind into balance so changes can be integrated and anchored into the body.

An introduction to EFT is included in my Energy Psychology Circle. Advantages of learning in a group are: warmth and support from other participants, and reduced cost over individual sessions.
Here is a link to a video interview with Jessica Ortner.  It demonstrates the relevant tapping points:
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An Introduction to the Tapping Points
An Introduction to the Tapping Points with Jessica Ortner

EFT can also be learned through the work of David Feinstein, MD.  Another star of EFT is Dawson church, whose book The Genie in Our Genes I highly recommend.

EFT derives in part from an earlier form of Energy Psychology called TFT, or Thought Field TherapyTFT was developed by Roger Callahan, a chiropractor.  Callahan published the technique, but it was made available at first only to certified practitioners such as psychotherapists and medical professionals. 

Subsequently, Gary Craig - an engineer and entrepreneur - reworked the technique and popularized it as EFT.  His work made the technique widely available at very low cost.  He had some incredible successes with war veterans battling PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), some of whom had been unable to sleep since the Viet Nam war, and who finally found some peace through EFT.  Craig has now retired but his work can still be studied through 

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