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Energy Medicine Study Circle

Location and dates available through  Join the free app and search "Eden Energy Medicine Victoria" for then next meetup date.  

Events can also be tailored for your group or organization.

Energy Medicine Study Circle is for people interested in empowering themselves by increasing their knowledge of Energy Medicine for self care and vitality, and also for helping others.

My role is to coordinate and facilitate the learning.  I will teach what I know about energetic self-care:  grounding, aura strengthening, chakra balancing, correcting polarity issues, moving stuck or frozen energy, crossover energies and more.

Books, lifelong learning
From time to time I will invite guests to teach from their field:  psychic awareness, meditation, Reiki, working with crystals, affirmations, and more.

Fees cover refreshments, instructor compensation, handouts, and venue costs.

A secondary goal of the study circle is to develop a community of practice around Energy Medicine, to offer support to one another and to increase the visibility and create awareness around Energy Medicine techniques and availability.
EM Study Circle Registration and Fee Payment

Energy Medicine Study Circle Registration
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Interest areas
Aura Strengthening
Chakra Balancing
Psychic Awareness
Energy Testing
Qi Gong
Daily Energy Routine
Art Healing
The energy of crystals and stones.
Distance Healing

1 session drop-in price:  $10.

Payment can also be made at the door in cash or by credit card.

Any questions? Contact me!