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Cuantic System

The Cuantic System was developed by a Mexican healer named Carlos Arcos.  His books and materials are available only in Spanish, but in April 2016 he trained the first group of Canadians in the methods he teaches.  I had the privilege of being part of that group.

In the Cuantic system, we use healing tools or 'technologies' that allow us to access the unified field of consciousness where all possibilities exist simultaneously. The system thus allows us to choose for a different reality to manifest in ourselves and in our clients.

Distress can be emotional, physical, mental, or relational.  With Cuantic System, our conversations help us find the root causes of the problem. I then create an 'ideation' for you that installs a change that sends your life on a different trajectory.  Your 'inconvenent' reality is changed for something preferred.
Physical modifiers are available for purchase at a rate of $100.  These are used when you have a localized pain.  They help to hasten the changes physically once the cause or imbalance has been removed using Cuantic ideations.

Cuantic sessions for pain or other distressing conditions are also effective at a distance.  Book here.

I am really excited to be offering this new super-fast, crazy effective method, and I hope you will take advantage at your earliest opportunity!

Cuantic System has allowed clients, relatives and friends of mine to heal from distressing emotional states, debilitating migraines, depression, fibromyalgia, allergic reactions, and more.  It has helped my own chronic pain issues and restored a feeling of energy and flow in my physical and emotional states.

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