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PeaceQuest Energetics - Counseling, Reiki, Energy Psychology

Personal Supportive Counseling

I work with children, youth, and adults including couples and families. Expect compassion, warmth, empathy, support, clarity, encouragement and confidentiality (within legal limits.) 

Please note that I do not have qualifications that entitle me to register as a Certified Clinical Counselor.  I have an extensive background in counseling with both victims and offenders, but my services are not covered by most Employee and Family Assistance programs.  I do not treat psychological conditions better suited to a medical approach except in collaboration with your medical professional.
My counseling background includes working extensively with children, youth and adults who have experienced sexual trauma and other violence.  I have also delivered group therapy to men who have been convicted of spousal violence.  

My approach involves meeting the client with compassion and empathy in a place of safety. Clients can expect acceptance, non-judgment and respect for their cultural and religious perspectives, as well as for their personal experiences and their choices.

I work with children, youth and families as well as with individuals.  Childhood issues that I have training and experience with include:
  • traumatic experiences and memories
  • school-based issues such as bullying, school refusal and test anxiety
  • self-esteem building
  • anxiety and depression

Services are client-focused. Clients may wish to integrate the traditional counselling modalities with adjunctive activities such as Eden Energy Medicine,Energy Psychology or Energy Medicine, depending on where they are in their process.  

Sometimes, however, what is most appropriate is just to have a listening ear dedicated to allowing them to speak in safety.  Change requires clear articulation of what a person desires.

Energetic modalities can speed a process that is inevitable once the client chooses change.  Whether or not to use those alternatives is entirely client-driven.

I do not provide diagnostic services or advocacy beyond supported self-advocacy.  Payment is expected at the time of service. Services are not covered by most EFA plans.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is based on the idea that emotions arise from thoughts, and by changing your thinking you can change the emotions you experience.   

Narrative Therapy is based on the idea that we have a story about our own experience that is composed of the 'narrative' we and others have generated in relation to the events of our lives.  That story tends to control the way we experience new events.  By learning to tell a different story about our past, we can learn to experience events from a perspective that helps us function more freely in the world.

Solution-focused Therapy is based on the idea that a person can generate alternative ways of behaving that would provide solutions to problems.  By describing how they would behave differently in a preferred reality, they can move from imagining the alternative to performing the alternative behaviour.

Art and Play Therapy invites clients to reenact experiences through media, and thus to re-story experience in a way that allows integration and growth. When working with children and youth, I often use art and play as a container for other modalities, in order to help the child experience counseling as a fun and enjoyable experience rather than a way of seeing themselves as broken.

Personal Mythology is based on the idea that we tell ourselves stories in relation to our families and ancestral experiences, and by walking backwards through these stories we can free ourselves from familial and ancestral patterns.

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