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Chakra Balancing

In person or at a distance.

Energy flows through our bodies in many ways.  The people of India discovered spinning wheels of energy that allow the body to interact with the aura and the outside world.  These energy wheels, known as Chakras, also keep a record of life experiences.  Chakras are found all over the body - fingertips, palms, temples, for example. 

The main chakras associated with the body, however, are found along the midline of the body as follows:
  • ROOT Chakra, which carries memories and influences related to the themes of grounding, tribal connection and urge to procreate.
  • SACRAL Chakra, which carries memories and influences related to the themes of creativity, connection, procreation and self-creation.
  • SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra, which carries memories and influences related to the themes of ego, self-image, self-esteem and will.
  • HEART Chakra, which carries memories and influences related to the themes of compassion, empathy, deep connection and love.
  • THROAT Chakra, which carries memories and influences related to the themes of communication, metabolization of thoughts and inputs, and self-expression
  • BROW Chakra (Third Eye), which carries memories and influences related to the senses and to intuition.
  • CROWN Chakra, which carries memories and influences related to connection to the Divine.

Each Chakra is also associated with a set of emotions, life roles, physical organs, and functions. When one or more chakras are is emitting too much or too little energy, the person's system is out of balance.  Chakra balancing can help the person return to a natural state where all chakras are functioning harmoniously and in balance, leading to health and integration in the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual realms.  

Chakra balancing is performed in the field, with minimal contact involved, so it can be ideal for people who cannot tolerate physical touch. 

The chakra balance in Eden Energy Medicine takes about a half hour. It can be performed on its own, but is best when combined with other interventions such as the Quickie Energy Balance, and in the context of a comprehensive energy assessment.

Sometimes a quick clearing of a certain chakra allows other energy work to move more smoothly.
Eden Energy Medicine image depicting human energy fieldAn Eden Energy Medicine Chakra Balance may also include enhanced grounding techniques such as sedating Circulation Sex (Pericardium) Meridian to restore flow to the chakra system via the root chakra, which lies in an area governed by CX Meridian.  This is done by holding points on the foot and wrist, knee and inner elbow. 

Additionally, it may include checking and restoring the connections between the chakras. This requires additional time over what you may have experienced in a chakra balancing with another practitioner, such as someone trained only in Reiki.

At times I use colour overlays and light to balance chakras quickly, leaving time in our session for other techniques that your body is asking for.  I may also use a crystal or various stones.

Each chakra has seven layers that connect with the seven layers of the aura.  At times, habits and patterns are being held at deeper layers of the chakras (the deeper the layer, the further back the memory or events involved in creating the pattern).  I like to use Ellen Meredith's Storyline Track and Balance when this emerges as a priority for the client's increased well-being.

Chakra balancing is usually done on a massage table but can also be accomplished at a distance with a Skype or telephone conversation.

Donna Eden teaches that when there are time restraints for the client, working with the chakras will be the most powerful intervention.  Clearing the chakras and then balancing them can reach into the body and field, influencing the aura, the organs and other body parts associated with each chakra, and the hormones.

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