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Celtic Spiral Chakra Balancing

The spiral is an image used a lot in Eden Energy Medicine, as it is a pattern Donna Eden sees repeating in the energies when they are healthy, along with figure 8's and other swirly patterns. In September 2015 Donna taught an advanced method of chakra balancing in San Diego, called the Celtic Spiral, and I was privileged to be a part of that inaugural training.

With the Celtic Spiral Chakra Balancing, the client and I co-create a dialogue amongst the chakras, linking them up in a specific pattern that carries you into your future with renewed confidence and balance.  In this session you learn a lot about yourself and you shed a lot of baggage.

I recommend that the person has some understanding of the chakras before taking part in the Celtic Spiral balancing, so I generally do this method in two sessions.  The first is to bring balance to the body/mind through a full balancing session including the Quickie Energy Balance (which feels amazing) and regular Chakra Balancing. I also teach you something about the chakras and their roles and themes.  We then follow up a couple of days later with the Celtic Spiral Balance.

For people who are generally in good balance and who have a basic knowledge and understanding of the chakra system, the first session can be omitted.
Celtic Spiral Chakra Meditation

Based on Donna's Celtic Spiral Balancing, this meditation is offered as either a workshop or a webinar.  To participate, you should have at least a beginner's understanding of the chakra system and the roles of each of the 7 chakras in the 7-chakra system.

I am offering it as a Webinar on the following dates:

July 10 2016 (free registration) at 2 pm PST.  

September 11 2016 ($25 registration) at 2 pm PST

November 13 2016 (time and cost tba)

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