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Brazilian Toe Technique

The Brazilian Toe Technique uses acupressure points to promote deep relaxation and activates the release of toxins. This simple method can help reduce emotional stress and imbalances, and overall physical pain and achiness. This technique also reduces side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, including restless leg syndrome, insomnia, nausea, and edema.

Holding hands, healing handsI use the Brazilian Toe Technique for clients who have difficulty staying grounded, or who feel their balance isn't strong.  It can be done on its own but is most helpful when combined with the Quickie Energy Balance, and in the context of a comprehensive session.
I use a massage table, and the client can expect some firm hands-on touching as well as light holding of energetic points on the head and feet.  

If preferred (some people cannot tolerate touch), most EEM interventions can be performed in the field around the body.

Honestly, this is such a simple and gentle technique and I am often surprised when the body tells me that of all things, this is what it needs most right now. But when you think about it, our lives make us so cut off from the Earth that it's good to put our full attention on reestablishing connection!

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