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The Black Pearl Sanctuary

The Black Pearl Sanctuary is a stress reduction technique that calms the nervous system, sending the over-activated amygdala into a state of calm and relaxation.  I use this technique frequently, and clients often feel a great deal of relief.

  • head rub & neurovascular calming routine (holding pairs of points on the head for up to 15 min.)
  • kidney meridian balance (feet)

This procedure can be performed on its own but is most helpful when combined with the Quickie Energy Balance, and as part of a comprehensive Energy Balancing session.

The Black Pearl Sanctuary is performed in silence.
I use a massage table, and the client can expect some firm hands-on touching as well as light holding of energetic points on the head and feet.  

If preferred (some people cannot tolerate touch), most EEM interventions can be performed in the field around the body.

When I do an Energy Assessment, your body will point me in the direction of the most appropriate way to balance the systems that are showing areas of weakness or imbalance.  Often I am sent to this procedure because it so profoundly and deeply affects the body's overactive stress response.  

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