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The Human Aura

Donna Eden's description of the aura's purpose.
Your aura protects you by filtering information from the environment and also by filtering what you put 'out there.'  It is a very powerful communication tool and also is necessary to your well-being.

The aura is much like a cell; its outer membrane works like a filter, selecting from the environment what will be beneficial and screening out what will harm or disturb.  This membrane also allows waste or excess energy and toxins out, and chooses what signals you send out into the environment as well.

As Donna Eden puts it,  "When your aura is healthy and balanced, it attracts nourishing energies to you; when it is not, you are vulnerable to energies that are harmful to you, coming from others and the environment, and you may not be receiving energies you need."

The structure of the aura is multi-layered, with each layer out from the body having less density and more ephemeral qualities. Each layer has relationship with the chakras and with the layers of the chakras.

Flowing amongst the layers are spirals and figure 8's of energy; the more the better.  

There are also specific structures and patterns nested in the aura. Vortexes, Vivaxin,  Tibetan Rings and the Assemblage Point are important examples.   

With energy testing, we can discover what issues are present in the aura and correct them.  On your own, you can strengthen your aura with the Celtic Weave exercise.
The aura can become detached or collapsed and can develop leaks or tears in its filtering membrane.  It can be sparse and lacking in energies.  It can collect toxins. There can also be polarity issues that keep you from connecting with Earth energy (grounding, earthing, rooting), or with others, as when polarity flips and repels others in what Ellen Meredith calls 'porcupine reactivity,' keeping you frantic and isolated.

If your aura is not functioning properly, you might feel any of these:
  • Invisible, vulnerable, alone, hopeless
  • Boundary issues, merging with others, sensitivity, affected by others' moods
  • Vulnerability, easily infected (colds, flu), over-sensitivity to airborne substances
  • Sensitivity to sounds, smells, sensations
  • Low stamina; chronic pain
  • Difficulty staying grounded: confused, remote, distant, disconnected, unfocused, distracted, aloof, panicky, avoidant, anxious, lightheaded, stuck
  • Spiky, prickly, over-sensitive, unwilling/unable to change
  • Lack of energy, lack of motivation
  • Heaviness, weariness, vulnerability, immune system issues
  • Confusion, lack of direction, 'can't see your way forward'; crisis of faith, uncharacteristic choices
  • Repetitive issues, injuries in a particular area
  • Poor judgment & continually being wrongly judged
  • Vulnerability when facing in a particular direction

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