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Assemblage Point

Sometimes Energy Medicine is grounded in the body, as when we shift stuck energy to relieve pain, or when we balance a meridian to ensure its associated organ is nourished adequately with chi.

Sometimes we deal with mind/emotions, as when we hold Neurovascular points to balance distortions in the Five Rhythms, or when we use the Temporal Tap to manage cravings.

These are valuable and even deep ways of working with energy.

Sometimes, though, Energy Medicine moves into a Spiritual realm.  Working with the Assemblage Point (AP) is one of those times.

sunstar represents light energy
Donna Eden teaches that the Assemblage Point is the 'soul's lens,' and it draws us forward, lighting our way into the future.  When your AP is nestled in its correct home, about half a metre in front of your heart, your actions will generally align with your values, and you will be able to 'see your way forward' in life. 

When the AP has become displaced, however, you'll find yourself acting in ways that don't match your intentions.  For example, you will have plans for being a good and faithful friend, but then you hear yourself gossiping or trash-talking, or you keep cancelling coffee dates with someone you care about.  You will see yourself as a loving partner, but have affairs or flirtations.  You will think of yourself as an honest person, then catch yourself not repaying money you borrowed.  You're just not yourself.

Alternatively, you might find yourself saying things like "I've lost my way," "I don't know what to do with myself," "I'm beside myself with worry," or "I just can't see my way forward anymore."  You have difficulty making decisions and are pulled in different directions.  You're not sure what principles guide your decisions.

Recently I had a client who had been experiencing a 'crisis of faith.'  Sure enough, his AP had moved out of position.  After it was replaced to its home, he felt a lot more clarity and singleness of purpose, and felt less conflicted about his spiritual commitments.
Sometimes, due to trauma or sudden loss, or even due to having your feelings deeply wounded, the Assemblage Point will shatter. In these cases, with no clear light in your aura to draw you forward into your destiny, you will feel bereft of direction and hope.  You won't see the 'light at the end of the tunnel' and you may sink into despair.

sparkle.  assemblage point

When I have someone in my session room who says things like this, I will often check - with Energy testing - if the AP is shattered.  It's not difficult to find and gather the shards of the Assemblage Point into a single integrated light, and move it back to its home.  It's not difficult, but it can be deeply moving.

One time, I collected up a shattered AP and placed it home, but as soon as the client thought about the issue that had shattered it, it immediately burst again.  So sometimes there is work to do to prepare.  Usually, though, it presents itself when it's ready, and it comes up through
testing.  This has often come as a surprise to both me and to the client.

I was taught that working with the AP is a sacred experience, and so I expected it to be something that came up rarely, with solemnity and reverence, after the client's work was nearly done.

My experience of it has been a little different.  There has been solemnity and reverence, for sure, but the AP often asks to be returned home in the middle of something else unrelated!  Suddenly and abruptly, it wants to go home.  Also, the feeling the client and I share is giggly and joyful.  It's more like a Revival than like a Mass.  There are tears, and that feeling of the heart being 'moved,' but it's fun and holy all at once.

If you're feeling that your Assemblage Point is shattered or displaced, ask me about it in our next session and I can check with energy testing to see if it is in place and intact or not.  And if you're ready, we can collect it up and bring it home.

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