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Laurel BatterhamLaurel Batterham

Bachelor of Arts

Training and Certification in:

  • Eden Energy Medicine (Certified Clinical Practitioner)
  • Cuantic System
  • Sexual Abuse Therapy with Children and Adults
  • Leadership in the Public Sector
  • Instructional Skills

Wife, Daughter, Sister, Mother, Grandmother, Friend, Dog-lover, Artist

My fondest passion is working with individuals and groups to help people engage their own power in service of their health, their growth and development, their relationships, and their communities.

I follow the work of Donna Eden and have trained with her directly through Innersource.  My designation is CCP (Certified Clinical Practitioner.

My counseling training led me to Narrative Therapy, which I integrate with my Eden Energy Medicine work.

I am an ardent Tai Chi enthusiast and love to explore the flow of energy in movement and in the body.

I love the teachings of Eckhart Tolle and the principle, drawn from Buddhism, of learning to be fully present.  I try to practice being fully present with clients and with whatever activity or "non-doing" I am involved in.

I was raised in a Baha'i family and am strongly connected with the ideals of "One God, One People, one Religion."  Baha'i teachings build on the theme: "The Earth is one country and mankind its citizens."  Baha'u'llah
My pastimes include painting, fibre arts (felting, knitting, sewing) tai chi and qi gong, and community involvement.  I have two dachshunds and used to breed them but now I just miss having puppies around.

With my husband, David, I have raised five children and we now have four grandsons also.

woman.  A self portrait about 15 years old.

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