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Distance Sessions

Distance work relies on quantum physics, entanglement theory and the power of intention.  Even at a distance, I can detect and correct imbalances in the aura, chakras, meridians and other systems.

Honestly, I do not understand HOW this is possible but I know it works.

For example, I did a Skype session with a client in Australia, on the other side of the planet.  The client was having an issue with her wisdom tooth and the side of her face was badly swollen.

As I worked on her, discovering and clearing imbalances, I could literally see the swelling diminish until it was gone within 15 minutes.  She still needs medical/dental treatment. as the tooth is still in the wrong place, but in the meantime she is more comfortable.

In this case the modality I used was The Body Code, but other modalities are used also. Usually I use a combination of modalities to get the best effect possible.

The changes are not always this dramatic, but distance sessions are very effective, and are cost effective as you need not leave home!
I use the Cuantic System, Eden Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology techniques in my distance work, depending on what your body/mind needs most, or else according to your preferences.

I can do this work over the telephone or I can clear imbalances even if you just send me an email with your full name and birth date, along with a description of your problem.  My preference, however, is to use videoconferencing because I love to see the face of the person I am working with.

Also, I prefer to involve YOU in the work, so that you are empowered to help yourself.  My training in Eden Energy Medicine is all about empowering people to take their health and well-being into their own hands.

For example, just as when you see me in person, if your Flow and Control Cycles are out of balance, I can easily balance them, but I would prefer to teach you simple methods to bring them into balance for yourself.  So don't be surprised if in a distance session I ask you to locate points on your head or body and hold them.  I might teach you a simple exercise or visualization technique that you can use in an ongoing way to maintain the balance we achieve in the session.

After a session, I always send you an email detailing the imbalances found and corrected, and showing you how to help yourself with links to online resources.  This serves as a record for both of us about your healing journey.

I look forward to our next e-meeting!

Any questions? Contact me!