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PeaceQuest Energetics Bookings 

Please email me to book a session time.

You can pay for a session 
  • in person (cash or credit card) or 
  • in advance via paypal (Canadians can send an e-transfer to                

Here is a copy of my agreement for services and intake form.  You can save time in session by printing these and filling them out in advance, signing them and then e-mailing them to me (or just bring them to the session).  If I have them in advance, I have an idea of what direction the session will take and will be better prepared.

Agreement for Services (JPG — 805 KB)
Intake form Page 1 (JPG — 638 KB)

Intake Form Page 2 (JPG — 643 KB)

Distance clients, please fill them out and send them to me at 

Note:  If you have difficulty dealing with this stuff online, don't worry!  We can do it all in person when you come!  If you're a distance client, I'll walk you through it!

Eden Energy Medicine $110.  

Session lasts about 1.25 to 1.5 hours. You can expect to spend some time in consultation, some time in energy testing, some time energy balancing (hands-on, in the Field around the body, or at a distance) and some time spent with suggestions for ongoing self-care.  

Cuantic System Initial Session $90.

Session includes review of INTAKE QUESTIONNAIRE, half hour to 45 minute consultation in person or over Skype or Zoom, and one ideation to address your issues.

Cuantic System Followup $60.

Session lasts approximately half an hour.  Includes consultation and one or more 'ideations' to shift or change an emotional or physical issue. This method works very quickly and continues to work over time. 

Some issues require several sessions; others just one.  The method seems to work more rapidly in children and to require more sessions in older people.

Any questions? Contact me!